Neighborly Lemon Meringue Pie

28 Feb

Norman's well used "Betty Crocker's Cookbook" circa 1969

Professor Norman is a terrific cook but his pies are to die for. His big secret: “Betty Crocker’s Cookbook” from 1969. The book is well used, covered with writing and stains from a million baked pies.  Lemon Meringues from Norman’s kitchen are tart and have meringues “as high as the hair in Texas”. To get that result we did a lot of tasting, used less sugar and paid close attention to the consistency of the filling. We ended up with a slighty tart pie due to the sweet lemons we had on hand and we couldn’t add more lemon juice at a certain point: too runny and the whole thing falls apart. The cookbook lists three different recipies for three different sizes of the same pie. Norman likes to make a 8″ pie with the 9″ recipe for a generous pie. It was fun and a great presentation but I’ll be sticking to something a little easier because I don’t usually have an 1 1/2 hours to bake a pie on the weekends.

Here is the recipe from Betty Crocker’s website. This matches the recipe for a 9″ pie. Norman added lemon zest (which is in the 1969 version), didn’t add the food coloring and used less sugar (about 1 1/4 cups) but everything else was the same.


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