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Episode #13: Hot Soup for the New Year

6 Jan

Happy New Year from all of us at the Institute for Homely Sciences! This week Dean Norman gives us a recipe for that leftover ham, Chad talks about the New Years party at the Institute and Jule talks to the Dean about changes in the area around the school. Pull up a chair, grab some hot soup for the cold days of January (unless you are in Los Angeles, it’s been very hot here) and join us for another episode of homely living at it’s best.


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Episode #12: The Goose that became Christmas Dinner

22 Dec

Hello all you podders out there! It’s been six months since our last episode and it is great to be back. This week, in honor of the holiday season, Dean Norman shares a cool whip recipe to bring to holiday parties, Professor Obscura wishes everyone happy holidays (in all space and time dimensions), Julie and the Dean talk about family traditions and what happens when your pet goose likes to chase cars. Thanks for listening and have a wonderful holiday!


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Episode #11: The Spinach Salad of Happiness

15 Apr

Can Spinach Salad bring you happiness? Are you ready to find out? Dean Norman dishes out recipes and tips for living while Prof. Obscura pays a visit from the past. We’ve also got a homework assignment that’s not for the prudish. What else would you expect from us here at the Institute? Have a Homely Day!


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Episode #10: Cake and Decompressing

11 Apr

Feeling stressed out by modern life? What to do about it? Leave your cell phone behind and make a chocolate cake! Come on in and enjoy another episode of Homely Living 101, where Dean Norman rants and Julie listens to the man that knows how to make your life easier, better and cheaper.


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Episode #9 Elizabeth Taylor’s Pasta Salad

30 Mar

Another week, another episode of Homely Living 101. Dean Norman is a life long fan of the fabulous Elizabeth Taylor and it just so happens that he’s been making her pasta salad for years. It comes from one of her personal chefs! Ah, the life of a movie star can also be filled with easier, better and cheaper ideas for homelife (and she was also known to be a hell of a lot of fun).  Tune in for the recipe and some fun stories about the star. Also, Dean Norman fumes about modern newcasters, we find a great deal on strawberries and an even better idea on what to do with them. You can find us on itunes or click on the link to the right. Thanks and have a homely day!


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Ep #8 Pot Roast and Disasters

22 Mar

Hi I’m Chad the activites director here at the Institute for Homely Sciences! I’m here to tell you about this episode! First, Julie finds pot roast on sale at a local grocery store and Dean Norman gives her a great (and familiar to many people) recipe. Dean Norman is frustrated with health insurance and gives us all some great advice about preparing for a natural disaster. I speak for all of us at the Institute when I say how happy we are be make your life easier, better and cheaper! Now we’ve got time for some fun! You can find the us on itunes or click on the link to the right. Thanks and have a homely day!


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Episode #7: Salmon and Coffee Pots

16 Mar

Professor Norman's coffee maker of choice

This week we’ll be talking about poached salmon and answer your burning questions about cleaning coffee pots. The Institute has asked if they could use our podcast to get information out to the public about the fabulous activites they have going on this week. Tune in for your weekly dose of Home Ec fun here at Homely Living 101! You’ll find the episode in the column on the right.


Here is the episode:

Neighborly Lemon Meringue Pie

28 Feb

Norman's well used "Betty Crocker's Cookbook" circa 1969

Professor Norman is a terrific cook but his pies are to die for. His big secret: “Betty Crocker’s Cookbook” from 1969. The book is well used, covered with writing and stains from a million baked pies.  Lemon Meringues from Norman’s kitchen are tart and have meringues “as high as the hair in Texas”. To get that result we did a lot of tasting, used less sugar and paid close attention to the consistency of the filling. We ended up with a slighty tart pie due to the sweet lemons we had on hand and we couldn’t add more lemon juice at a certain point: too runny and the whole thing falls apart. The cookbook lists three different recipies for three different sizes of the same pie. Norman likes to make a 8″ pie with the 9″ recipe for a generous pie. It was fun and a great presentation but I’ll be sticking to something a little easier because I don’t usually have an 1 1/2 hours to bake a pie on the weekends.

Here is the recipe from Betty Crocker’s website. This matches the recipe for a 9″ pie. Norman added lemon zest (which is in the 1969 version), didn’t add the food coloring and used less sugar (about 1 1/4 cups) but everything else was the same.

Episode 6: Pies and Neighbors

28 Feb

Welcome to the new and improved Homely Living 101 podcast! It’s shorter, braver and a heck of a lot more fun. This week: Julie and Norman make a pie and talk about the importance of knowing your neighbors and Professor Obscura reads tips on how to get rid of annoying neighbors (from a book first published in the middle ages). You can find us in iTunes or just press play right below:

Welcome to Homely Living 101

27 Feb

Homely Living 101 is a weekly podcast brought to you by the Insitute for Homely Sciences.

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